Eurogrid GmbH has published first Green Bond Reporting

Berlin (04 May 2021)

> Green Bond Report 2020

Eurogrid GmbH has published financial statements 2020

Berlin (5 March 2021)

> Eurogrid Gmbh Group Management Report and Consolidated Financial Statements for the Fiscal Year 2020

Debut Green Bond of EUR 750 million successfully issued

Berlin (11 May 2020) - Eurogrid GmbH, the parent company of the transmission system operator 50Hertz, is securing liquidity for the further grid expansion necessary for the energy transition with the issuance of its debut Green Bond in the amount of EUR 750 million. This will finance the grid connections Ostwind 1 and 2 of the offshore wind farms northeast of Rügen with a capacity of around 1.5 gigawatts. The corporate bond with a term of 12 years and an interest rate of 1.113 percent was issued yesterday on the regulated market with the support of BNP Paribas, Rabobank and UniCredit Bank from the circle of Eurogrid core banks. The subscribers come from Germany and, almost without exception, from other European countries, with a focus on Great Britain, France, the Benelux countries and Scandinavia. Like all public bonds, these securities are listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange. The shareholders of Eurogrid GmbH are the Belgian Elia Group (80 %) and KfW Bankengruppe with 20 percent.

The projects Ostwind 1 and 2 projects are in line with the EU Action Plan on Climate Change. The EU's aim is to increase the number of households and businesses that can be supplied with electricity produced by wind energy, thereby avoiding CO2 emissions. The Green Bond complies with the principles of the International Capital Markets Association (ICMA). An independent evaluation of the Green Bond is carried out by the second party opinion provider and ESG-rating agency Vigeo Eiris.

Eurogrid has published Green Bond Framework, SPO and Pre-Issuance Verification Report

Berlin (30 April 2020) - Eurogrid has published its updated Green Bond Framework, Second Party Opinion and Pre-Issuance Verification Report based on CBI standards today. 

The documents are available for download here.

Eurogrid GmbH from now on with KfW as direct shareholder

Berlin (19 June 2019) - As from 18th June 2019 Eurogrid GmbH has formally a new shareholder structure.

Less than a year after the purchase of 20% of Eurogrid International CVBA/SCRL, a subsidiary of the Belgian transmission system operator Elia and 100% parent company of Eurogrid GmbH in Berlin, Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) terminates his ownership in the Belgian Eurogrid International and participate with 20% in the German Eurogrid GmbH directly.

Thus the share capital of Eurogrid GmbH is distributed between 20% KfW and 80% (formerly 100%) Eurogrid International CVBA/SCRL which is now a 100% (formerly 80%) subsidiary of Elia.

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Eurogrid GmbH (Eurogrid) is an energy company based in Berlin (Germany) that invests in electric utility assets and provides support services to its customers. Eurogrid is indirectly owned and managed by Elia System Operator NV/SA (Elia), the Euronext listed Belgian transmission system operator, and...

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