Eurogrid GmbH has published Base Prospectus 2022

Berlin (13 May 2022)

Eurogrid GmbH - Base Prospectus 2022

Eurogrid GmbH has published Green Bond Reporting 2021

Berlin (28 April 2022)

> Green Bond Report 2021

Eurogrid GmbH has published financial statements 2021

Berlin (25 March 2022)

> Eurogrid GmbH Group Management Report and Consolidated Financial Statements for the Fiscal Year 2021

About us

Eurogrid GmbH (Eurogrid) is an energy company based in Berlin (Germany) that invests in electric utility assets and provides support services to its customers. Eurogrid is indirectly owned and managed by Elia System Operator NV/SA (Elia), the Euronext listed Belgian transmission system operator, and...

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