Investor Relations

Eurogrid is an issuer of financial products on a regular basis. Please find information about the current EMTN and Debt Issuance Programme and download the latest financial publication. The financial calendar provides current publication dates and information to upcoming events. 

If you have any questions regarding Eurogrid's business or financials do not hesitate to contact us.

Key figures

Revenue7,860 EUR m11,051 EUR m
Total turnover1,717 EUR m1,455 EUR m
EBIT273 EUR m340 EUR m
Group Profit165 EUR m193 EUR m
Total assets10,548 EUR m7,768 EUR m
Equity1,932 EUR m1,634 EUR m
Cash flow from operating activities3,721 EUR m-796 EUR m
Cash flow from investing activities-831 EUR m-730 EUR m
Cash flow from financing activities-329 EUR m1,030 EUR m
Change in cash and cash equivalents2,561 EUR m-497 EUR m
Capex851 EUR m716 EUR m