50Hertz Chief HR Officer Sylvia Borcherding joins management board

50Hertz Chief HR Officer Sylvia Borcherding joins management board

On 1 January 2020, Sylvia Borcherding officially joined the management board of transmission system operator 50Hertz. This appointment was already decided by the 50Hertz supervisory board on 19 September 2019. Consequently, the management board now has five members.

The increasing Europeanisation of the markets, the quickly progressing digitisation and – specifically relevant for 50Hertz as a transmission system operator – the successful implementation of the energy transition in particular, create new challenges for 50Hertz in terms of staff expansion and integration.
"HR departments should not just focus on their own further development. Above all, they should become enablers for the transformation of their company. Providing appropriate framework conditions for new forms of working and the further development of the employees continues to gain importance as a factor for success. All of these subjects are very important to me and I am working to offer our employees new perspectives through our integrated talent management, all the while ensuring that our exceptional corporate culture is maintained. I feel that we should especially focus on the joint projects within the Elia Group with the intention of further developing our common strengths."
– Sylvia Borcherding, 50Hertz Chief HR Officer 


Sylvia Borcherding has been the 50Hertz Chief HR Officer for one year already. She previously held leading positions in the Metro group, at healthcare provider IAS and at outsourcing specialist Capita. She was also active as a freelance organisational consultant.

Composition of the Management Board since 1 January 2020

Chief Executive Officer: Stefan Kapferer
Chief Technical Officer: Dr. Frank Golletz
Chief Markets and System Operations Officer: Dr. Dirk Bierman
Chief Financial Officer: Marco Nix
Chief Human Ressources Officer: Sylvia Borcherding

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