50Hertz and Statkraft agreed to test redispatch with renewable energy installations

50Hertz and Statkraft agreed to test redispatch with renewable energy installations In future wind turbines will be used for redispatch measures. Photo: Jan Pauls.

Berlin/Düsseldorf. 10 February 2020. 1 October 2021 is the date on which renewable energy plants are to be used in Germany for the so-called redispatch to eliminate bottlenecks in the power grid. For this, generation on one side of the grid bottleneck will be reduced and generation on the other side of the bottleneck increased. The transmission system operator 50Hertz and the energy company Statkraft have now agreed on a field test for this new procedure.

The core of the field test is to be able to plan the necessary measures for redispatch with renewables. In the field test, 50Hertz will access wind farms from Statkraft’s market access portfolio in Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, which are directly connected to 50Hertz’s transmission grid or to a regional distribution grid. Both companies want to test demand variants for the wind farms to be able to implement the legal requirements efficiently and safely with this new form of redispatch.

"With the new legal regulations, network operators have different options for the demand of redispatch for plants in the distribution grid", explains Dr Dirk Biermann, Managing Director Markets and Systems Operation at 50Hertz, the reasons for the field test. "Demand via the distribution system operator is just as possible as direct demand by 50Hertz. Our aim is to identify the most efficient way. We hope that the field test will provide us with important insights in this regard.”

"We are pleased to support 50Hertz in testing the new redispatch specifications. This filed test will also enable us to evaluate how future redispatch measures will affect us," says Dr Pieter Schipper, Managing Director of Statkraft in Germany. "As provider of market access services, we have introduced the infrastructure for remote control and regulation of renewable plants. We see the fact that we can now use this infrastructure for grid services as a major step towards further integrating renewable energy into the electricity market and the system operations. Only if renewable energy plants assume the same tasks and obligations as conventional plants we can achieve a cost-efficient and safe energy transition.

Amendment of the Energy Industry Act

With the amendment to the Energy Industry Act, renewable energy installations can be used for redispatch measures to eliminate grid bottlenecks with effect from 1 October 2021. Until now, such measures have been reserved for conventional generation plants only. The new regulations strengthen the role of renewables in ensuring system security. In the event of grid bottlenecks, however, they will continue to be reduced only after the limits of conventional plants have been reached. For redispatching measures with renewables, it is important to ensure that the balance sheet is taken care of and to develop a solution for the financial settlement of the interventions.

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